Air purification is a critical step toward a healthier building.
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Providing a healthy building is no longer an option. Occupants now expect a safe environment, with every possible effort made to reduce the spread of disease-causing germs and contaminants.

Explore these resources to learn how to provide a healthy building:

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  • The 9 foundations of a healthy building
  • Air purification technology
  • Smart building controls
  • The role of HVAC in preventing the spread of germs

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The facility specialists at Rudolph Libbe Group can assist with any or all of these healthy building programs, and are available to perform a no-cost Healthy Building Assessment at your convenience. This assessment will provide you with specific recommendations for ways to make your building safer and healthier for your occupants.

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Watch these videos to learn ways to make your building safer and healthier.

9 Foundations of a Healthy Building

Air Purification Technology for
Cleaner, Healthier Air

How Smart Building Controls
Contribute to Healthier Buildings

The Role of HVAC in Stopping
the Spread of Disease

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